Let’s take it short and sweet (64km)

by Daniela
Short tour along Alphen
Today’s short tour is slightly different from what you usually see on this site. The tour does not take too many narrow cycling trails through nature reserves and parks. Instead, you stay mainly on the roads. However, as usual, never main roads.
Furthermore, the tour also passes through more villages than usual. But I know some of you like those tours from time to time to see towns, old squares, and churches, or sit down for a coffee.
The tour starts between Langeraar and Nieuwveen. You pass the provinces of South Holland and Utrecht.
GPX File: 3_CH&b_64km
All practical information can be found at the end of this post.
64_Short and Sweet

Let's start the short and easy ride

Let’s start the tour from a parking lot next to the water. The parking is outside of Langenaar and lies between the Geerpolder Plas and the Langeraarsche Plas (Plas = Lake).
For a while now, construction work is going on there. However, half of the parking is available and never really crowded.
64_Alphen Parking

200 m after the start, you turn left and continue this road for 4 km after which you cross a bridge. On the left side, you see a sculpture.

See the sculpture on Alphen Tour
Stay on this cycling path. It makes a soft bend to the left and continues to a small bicycle tunnel. You pass by a church and then enter Ter Aar.
After passing Ter Aar, you make a turn right. That’s when you enter the backroads of this tour.
Enjoy a nice ride on a dike before quickly passing through the tiny village of Aarlanderveen. The next couple of kilometers take you along open fields.
Alphen short tour mills on the way

Along the river Oude Rijn

At km 14, you make a left turn to continue along the river Oude Rijn.
Around km 17, you can see the “De Dikke Molen” on the left side. It is an old Mill. You find more information and a picture in one of my another post “Taking the backroads south to river Lek”. 
Shortly after passing through Zwammerdam, you arrive in Bodegraven, where you find a water dispenser. It is located at the 4-way crossroad at km 22.5.
Leaving Bodegraven brings you back to the dike along the Oude Rijn, which you follow almost up to km 30.
There is a tiny path right at the water for bikes, but you can also stay on the road, which usually lets you cycle a bit faster.
At km 23, you pass by Fort Wierickerschans. It is an old Fort that you can book for activities, like weddings, business parties, etc.. You can also walk through if you like. It was a defense fort some 350 years ago.
The Oude Rijn on the short tour
Fort Wierickerschans

Leaving the riverside

At km 29, you arrive in Woerden. Here you have to cross a large crossroad and use the cycling path of the main street. But no worries, it does not last for long.
Once again, you are outside the town and ready to enjoy lovely field views. You ride on cycling paths next to the road. But you also pass through little towns. 
Enjoy open fields during the short tour
Lovely small villages on the Alphen tour
Passing through Kamerik at km 35 is a bit tricky. The cycling path stops, and you are not allowed on the street. However, if you follow my gpx path, you will be ok.
Just one km later, you enter an unusual way. You go 4 km straight on this very narrow cycling trail. With a width of about 1 m, is it tricky if another cyclist comes towards you. Make sure to ride with a bit of caution, as the track sometimes is a bit bumpy.

Shortly after, you arrive in Kockengen (km 42). As I mentioned in a previous post (Tranquil and green tour along lots of rivers, 96km), there is a lovely tiny graveyard.

Lovely graveyard in Kockengen

At km 52, you hit the De Hoef Oostzijde, a beautiful and winding road along the canal Kromme Mijdrecht (krom=bent).

Almost at the end of the short tour

At the end of the road, you turn left (a water dispenser is directly located on the right side next to the stoplight) and cross a bridge over the Kromme Mijdrecht.

Coming to the end of this short and sweet tour

Shortly before the end of the tour at km 61, you enter Nieuwveen. You make a sharp right turn. Make sure not to rush, as there is a gate right after the turn on the path. It can get very dangerous if you don’t ride with care.
Riding through Nieuwveen takes you right back to the end of this tour and to the parking, you started earlier.
A church to adore at the end of the short tour

Practical Information

Parking: next to Surfclub Ter Aar (Adress: Geerweg 14, 2461EA Ter Aar)

Water Dispenser: Bodegraven (km 22,5), De Hoef (km 55)

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