A bit of everything – a recreational ride near Utrecht (73km)

by Daniela
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This tour, starting in Breukelen, nearby Utrecht, is something different. It has a bit of everything: towns, open fields, lakes, harbors, lots of restaurants, cobblestone sections, and even forest. There is definitely a lot to see and an excellent tour if you plan a more recreational ride for once.
As the tour leads you through more populated areas than other tours, you will cycle through a couple of towns and next to roads on a cycling path for a good amount of the tour. The nature of the tour does not allow for a tough training or fast cycling tour.
GPX file: 6_CH&b_73km
All practical information is at the end of the post.

Let's get ready for the recreational ride

Today, the tour starts at the P&R Parking of Breukelen Station. It is conveniently situated right next to highway A2. You find the parking if you follow the signs for P&R 3.

Parking in Breukelen for recreational ride
The tour heads off in the eastern direction and leads through the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Holland.
You cross a large river from Breukelen Station and cycle a bit through Breukelen.

You can admire beautiful mansions at a few locations on this recreational ride, even more significant than the one on the photo below.

After 7 km, the road leads you over a lake, the Loosdrechtse Plassen. You will see that this gives a different feeling than following canals, as you often do in South Holland. You also see many boat shops and yacht harbors. Many of them have cafés and restaurants right at the waterfront.
After crossing the lake, the tour leads you in and out of various towns. Thus, there is always something to see. You often cycle parallel to the streets on a cycling path when out of town. However, most of the time, it still doesn’t feel too busy.
There is, however, a point when it gets a bit tricky. While passing through ‘s-Graveland, you take some winding cycling paths. Those do not run parallel to the main road. Just keep following the gpx. In the town of ‘s-Graveland, you see some lovely mansions, one of them is Trompenburgh.
When entering Bussum at km 23, you can refill your water bottles. To reach it, you follow a nice street that leads you around the graveyard of Bussum. The gpx leads you to the water dispenser. After this short break, you continue your recreational ride by cycling through Bussum.
Bussum is a larger town. You leave it after 3km and use the highway A1 undercross.

Like Cobblestones? Here we go

The upcoming 6-7 km are quite interesting. After passing the A1, it gets pretty green with lots of trees. You enter Blaricum, where there is really a lot to see. It is an area with stunning houses. But at the same time, you enter the longest cobblestone section of the day. It sometimes gets pretty rough. That’s when the recreational ride stops for a while ;-).
Once you pass over the highway A27, there is another change in scenery.
Open fields as far as you can see. However, the cobblestones are not yet behind you.
Right before crossing highway A27, you enter the province of Utrecht.
The open fields continue for more than 10 km. Shortly before the end, you arrive at a lovely little harbor. And to get there, yes, there are cobblestones again ;-).
But after that, you are done with the longer cobblestone sections. In The Netherlands, you encounter cobblestones during almost every single tour. But usually, these are only short sections.
Lovely harbor along the road
After under-passing the A1 again, you arrive in Baarn at km 41.
It is a nice town with an old center.
In Baarn is another water dispenser. You might expect it at the main square, but if you follow the gpx for another 300 meters, it shows up on the opposite side of the Gemeentehuis (Town Hall).
Baarn, a lovely town

The nature part starts here

Although you have already passed some lonely and tree-rich streets, the tour character changes once again when you exit Baarn.

Unpaved roads, but a beautiful ride in a forest

At km 45, you make a left turn and enter a forest.
Usually, I do not lay out tours that go over unpaved roads. Here, however, you cycle on those for a couple of km.
The reason is that it is a charming surrounding. And the unpaved roads are almost as good as paved paths. A lot of racing bike cyclists are taking those trails.
Always take the narrow (mainly on the right side) cycling path, not the broader lane. These are not made for cycling and have bumps and holes all over.
Ride on unpaved roads during the recreational ride near Utrecht
You cycle two sections of unpaved trails through the forest. Between them is a little village. Coming out of the peaceful forest, you will be astonished at how busy it is. Literally, the whole town consists only of cafés.
Note: If you want to avoid the unpaved road, you can do so by not turning left at km 45 but continuing for another km and then turning left into Hoge Vuurseweg. You also arrive at the little village.
Just continue straight in the village to avoid the second unpaved part (no right turn when the gpx file says so). Make a right turn again at the end of the road (approx. 1km).
After this unusual part of the tour, you cross highway A27 again (km 51). From here, the recreational ride leads you again through open fields, and you stay on good quality quiet streets for another 10 km.
Open fields during this tour

Enjoy the last couple of km along the riverside

At km 64, you enter Maarssen. Once you’ve passed the large bridge, you can enjoy a 6 km ride on the side of the river. This road leads you back to the station and P&R parking where you started.

Cycling along the riverside back to the start

Practical Information for the recreational ride

Parking: P&R P3 in Breukelen (the Park and Ride does not have a specific address, but if you put the following in your GPS, it’ll do), address Stationsweg 105, 3621 LK Breuklenen

Water Dispenser: Bussum (km 23), Baarn (km 43)

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